New Brunswick Association of Optometrist – Board of Examiners How to obtain a New Brunswick Optometry License. Frequently Asked Questions Welcome to the NBAO Website.  We are pleased to provide the following information for those interested in becoming a member of our Association.

Q.  Who may apply for a New Brunswick optometry license?
A.  An applicant must be a graduate, or potential graduate of an approved accredited school of optometry.  The applicant must have passed, or plan to write the Canadian Standard Assessment in Optometry examinations.

Q.  How much is the application fee?
A.  To receive an application package you must forward a cheque or money order payable to the New Brunswick Association of Optometrists in the amount of $300.00 to the NBAO office.

Q.  What is the fee to write the New Brunswick jurisprudence exam?
A.  The $300.00 fee covers both the application and jurisprudence exam fees.

Q.  Will I be allowed to prescribe TPA’s?
A.  To obtain a TPA license in New Brunswick, you must complete a TPA application.  A $50.00 fee must accompany the application.

Q.  What information will I be required to provide with my application?
A.  You be required to provide the following items:

1. Payment of the application fee.
2. All official transcripts from universities and colleges.
3. Proof of Canadian citizenship.
4. A recent photo of yourself.
5. An RCMP criminal record check.
6. Submission of three confidential assessment forms completed by eyecare related professionals.
7. Submission of assessments from all previous provinces where you were a member (if already a practicing optometrist)
8. Successful completion of the CSAO and the Jurisprudence Exam.

Please contact the NBAO administration office for further information or to request an application.

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